Alqo Wasi – Alpaca Sweater, Fishbone

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The Amazing Sweaters from Alqo Wasi are knitted in cozy warm Alpaca Wool.

The Sweater is made by hand in Peru, where the skilled artisans use traditional methods both regarding the knitting as the dying techniques.

Affordable Luxury as its Best!

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The name Alqo Wasi comes from the Inca Indians word for Dog Home. The business name is a beautiful greeting to the traditional craftsmanship used to create these lovely sweaters, knitted in the Andean Gold.. Alpaca Wool!


Size Guide


Back: 26-31cm (10-12′) / Dog Weight: 2-3kg


Back: 31-36cm (12-14′) / Dog Weight: 3-6kg


Back: 36-44cm (14-17′) / Dog Weight: 5-6kg


Back: 44-49cm (17-19′) / Dog Weight: 6-11kg


Back: 49-54cm (19-21′) / Dog Weight: 11-14kg


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Alqo Wasi

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