Orostani Couture – Luxury GG Dog Leash



G*U*C*C*I Lover.. This one is for you!

Orostani Couture creates the most fantastic dog accessories out of reused high fashion materials.

This luxury GG leash is a handmade beauty of designer textile, decorated with brass studs for that extra touch of class.

Orostani Couture’s dog accessories are only available in a few specimens and are manufactured depending on the availability of material. This means that a collar or a leash is not guaranteed to come back in the same design.

In other words, if you really want it.. Get it when it´s in stock!

Leighs: About 130cm (51”) / Width 2 cm (0.8”)


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Every single piece of a dog accessory from Orostani Couture is well selected and sewn together with love for our beloved dogs. Although it looks like one is the same as the other, each individual dog collar or leash is unique!



Depending on your computer’s setting, we cannot guarantee that the colour you see on LuxuryDog.Shop reflects the dog leash exact colour.