DWAM – Dog With A Mission


DWAM – Dog with a Mission – Want´s the best in life for your dog! Love and care regarding everything.. Food, Exercise, Health, All things all the way down to the Dog Collar, Harness and Leash!

This beautiful story started when Kim and Eugenie, the two women behind DWAM, decided to combine “business with pleasure” and took their entrepreneurial skills together with their love for dogs and created the unique Dog With a Mission brand.

Their focus is not only on design but also by different charity engagements help dogs in need to a better life.

DWAM’s Dog Collars, Harnesses and Dog Leash are all handmade, inspired from travels around the world and the beauty of our everyday life, put together in a cool Boho and Hippie style.

Not one of the collars, harnesses or leashes have the exact look like the other – Each and everyone are colorful, original and unique.. Just as your Dog!

When buying a DWAM dog collar, dog harness and dog leash, you always contribute to their work creating a safer life filled with love for dogs around the world.

“Every once and a while a dog enters your life and changes everything”

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